• What is the current state of the art for Additive Manufacturing for metals?
    • This guide gives a good introduction to the topic from several aspects – Design, Engineering, machine build and characteristics of metal powders for additive manufacturing. It also briefs on for AM in the. It also shows several case studies of products already made and briefs on the opportunities and limitations for this manufacturing technology. The guide is published by European Powder Metallurgy Association
  • EU-Project Hephestos. University of Agder has participated in the EU-project Hephestos where commercial robots are tested for accuracy when used for machining operations in hard metals (Al, Cu, Steel).
    • Some results from tests were presented during the Benteler visit. Their presentation is enclosed here
  • Collaborative Robots. RobotIQ is a publish eBooks related to available technology within robotics. They work with robot manufacturers, system integrators and end-users to automate applications that require flexibility. This ebook gives an insight into collaborative Robots available in the market today. Read report.
  • Future Manufacturing Technologies. Statistics collected by Teknologirådet related to new technologies within manufacturing. Read report.

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