The convergence of Big Data, analytics and Intelligent Systems in Oil and Gas. This white paper is published by the Industrial Internet Consortium® which is an open membership organization formed to accelerate the development, adoption and wide-spread use of interconnected machines and devices, intelligent analytics, and people at work.  Read more

Mekanisk Industri I Agder (Norwegian report), FoU Rapport 12/ 2014. Agderforskning has conducted a thorough survey of the mechanical Industry in Agder. This region’s industry exports at a higher rate than Norway in general. The report contains quantitative analysis into what promotes and what prevents their competitiveness through a and 20 in-depth interviews of management in a selection of these industries. Identifies the strengths , threats, weaknesses and future opportunities. The findings here are a basis for the initiative to “Future Robotics”. Read report.

Future Manufacturing Technologies. Statistics collected by Teknologirådet related to new technologies within manufacturing. Read report.