Future Robotics aim to establish research projects related to Future Manufacturing Technologies: Robotics, Automation, Senror systems, digitalisation in industry. Future Robotics may assist in writing project applications when to or more companies from the cluster join together to form projects. We encourage consortia across the existing clusters.

For ideas to projects, contact: or We have a pool of current ideas waiting to be realized!

Currently the following projects developed by Future Robotics are listed below:

Title: RoboMach – Robotic Machining of Aluminium                                                                                       Participants: Benteler (owner) and UiA

Financing: RFF Agder Forprosjekt

Duration: 6 months


Machining of hard metals is widely performed with CNC machines when high accuracy in surface roughness and parallelity is required. These machines demand high investments and the flexibility limited with respect to part size and orientation. For some machining operations, where the requirement to surface roughness is considerably below the machine performance, it would be desirable to perform machining with cheaper, less accurate and more flexible tools. The applicant is an experienced user of industrial robots and currently perform simple pre-machining operations with robots. In order to operate robots on more accurate machining operations in Aluminium, further research is required related to control compensation, sensors, software programming tooling and a combination of these. The research partner in this project has experience within this field, and with this expertise we will seek optional control mechanisms to obtain surface requirements that meet the product specifications. This project includes inital studies in order to prepare for a larger research project to develop solutions that may be used commercially by the applicant.


Title: AMSi – Additive Manufacturing of Components from Si-based powder compositions        

Participants:  Elkem (Owner), KSMV, Castor Drilling and GCE NODE have received funding from RFF Agder

Financing: RFF Agder Forprosjekt

Duration: 1 year                                                                                                                                     


The target for the pre-project is to prepare for a larger project in development of silicon based powder materials for additive manufacturing with focus on cost, light weight, reduced waste material, less energy consumption and environmental friendly production. Of importance is to define the most suitable AM technology for making components of Si-based materials. The material specificiations are crucial and have to determined. The next step is test trials in AM equipment in order to get an impression of opportunities and challenges and how to proceed. The main project will focus on productions of metal powders meeting the specifications for the chosen manufacturing technology and last but not least meet the product specifications of the chosen applications. Mechanical properties like elongation and tensile strength, hardness and porosity are important characteristics. Important is also life cycle analyses to ensure the footprint of the technology. The project partners are highly competent within the different parts of the value chain; Elkem being a material producer, the GCE NODE starting up their new Blue Growth Platform with focus on new technologies and new materials for offshore wind, seabed mining, aquaculture, etc. and the mechanical companies in the NODE cluster entering into new manufacturing technologies.                                                                                                                                                                                   


Deltagere: GCE NODE og Eyde-klyngen

 Finansiering: Aust-Agder og Vest-Agder Fylkeskommuner

Varighet: 6 måneder


Prosjektet Re-industrialisering er gjennomført høsten 2015/vinter 2016 og har utredet mulighetsrommet for omstilling i industrien knyttet til implementering av ny produksjonsteknologi og digitalisering i industrien. En av hovedaktivitetene  har vært å kartlegge i hvilken grad industrien i Agder har implementert automatisering og digitalisering i sin produksjon og om dette muliggjør re-shoring (flytte hjem) produksjonen for å bedre sin konkurranseevne. Prosjektet er utført av GCE NODE og Eyde-klyngen i parallell med aktiviteter i Future Robotics.